Monday, May 25, 2015

Top 10 MOST POPULAR Songs of 1959

It's Monday again, which means it's time to look at the most popular songs of 1959! If you are new this week, I had a goal recently to determine what the top songs of all time were based on a formula I came up with to keep track of the Billboard charts. Here's the methodology: each year of the chart I go week by week, giving points to the songs that make the top 10. The #1 song gets 10 points, the #2 song gets 9 points, all the way down to the #10 song getting 1 point. I could've done the whole hot 100 like this, but that would've been too time consuming. Maybe one day I'll go back and do that to compare results. But not now. Also of note, when I finish each decade I'll normally give you the all-inclusive list of top 100 songs from that decade, because I do have lists of the top song of each decade in addition to the top songs of each individual year. However, since the Billboard charts only go back to 1958, it would be unfair to the rest of the 50's to post such a list this time around, so next week I'll jump right into 1960 instead of counting down the top songs of the 1950's. 1959 does have some really big songs that will be high up on the all-time songs list, so let's get right to it!

10- "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" - The Platters

9- "Stagger Lee" - Lloyd Price

8- "The Three Bells" - The Browns

7- "Come Softly to Me" - The Fleetwoods

6- "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" - Paul Anka

5- "Lonely Boy" - Paul Anka

4- "Venus" - Frankie Avalon

3- "Mr. Blue" - The Fleetwoods

2- "The Battle of New Orleans" - Johnny Horton

1- "Mack the Knife" - Bobby Darin

Monday, May 18, 2015

Top 10 MOST POPULAR Songs of 1958

Recently I had the desire to know what the most popular songs of all time were based on a formula I had created to follow the Billboard charts (#1 = 10 points; #2 = 9 points; ...; ...; ...; #10 = 1 point), so I went back to the very first week of the Billboard charts (week of August 9, 1958) and slowly moved forward. Now I have a whole lot of Excel files with a whole lot of information that I want to share with the world. So each week on this newly formed blog, I will release a new list with a new top ten list from a different year, starting with 1958 and moving forward year by year. To start off, let's dive into the most popular songs of 1958. Remember, these are all statistically based and not my personal opinion of favorite songs. Also, I only looked at the top 10 each week because doing the whole chart each week would be really time consuming. Maybe one day I'll do the whole chart, but not now. Sure, there are many ways you could rank songs from the past and while this may not be the absolute perfect way to do it, it's the way I've chosen for now, so I hope you enjoy!

10- "Poor Little Fool" - Ricky Nelson

9- "Topsy II" - Cozy Cole

8- "To Know Him, is to Love Him" - The Teddy Bears

7- "Rock-in Robin" - Bobby Day

6- "Little Star" - The Elegants

5- "It's Only Make Believe" - Conway Twitty

4- "Tom Dooley" - The Kingston Trio

3- "Bird Dog" - The Everly Brothers

2- "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)" - Domencio Modungo

1- "It's All in the Game" - Tommy Edwards

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