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DrogeMiester's Billboard Analysis - December 23, 2017

The new Billboard charts have arrived and so it's time again for me to give you my thoughts! In this weekly post, I cover three sections. First, I give my thoughts on the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. Second, I give my thoughts on the songs that experienced significant gains below the top 10. Third, I give my initial thoughts on our new arrivals this week. I reserve the right to switch things up in the future, but for now this is what I'm sticking with. I've followed the Billboard charts for a long time now and this is a great way for me to express my thoughts to the world. I hope you enjoy!

Billboard Hot 100 Top 10:

1- "Perfect" - Ed Sheeran & Beyonce (+2) -- Hallelujah! Billboard releases a video on their YouTube channel every Monday around noon with the new top 10 of the week and when I was watching that this week, I literally jumped for joy when I saw "Perfect" had dethroned "rockstar." I jumped up and did a fist pump in the air, screaming my excitement. We're technically not out of the water just yet as this week represents the first full week of sales for this new duet version of the song, thus meaning sales should take a dip next week, but let's hope it manages to stay on top next week because this is the song we all deserve at the top of the charts. It's such a pretty love song from Ed Sheeran that's enhanced with the addition of Beyonce, who by the way gets her first No. 1 hit this decade as her last No. 1 was her 2008 single "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." The world of music has tried hard to give her this honor in 2017, but DJ Khaled's "Shining," J Balvin's "Mi Gente" and Eminem's "Walk on Water" all fell short of No. 1 with Beyonce attached. Fourth time's the charm, I suppose.

2- "rockstar" - Post Malone featuring 21 Savage (-1) -- I still can't believe we let this song sit and rot at the top of the charts for eight whole weeks. That's one of the most despicable things we've done all year. Next step is to somehow get rid of this song's streaming so it can start falling off. Perhaps we should permanently take away streaming privileges of everyone who thinks this song is a masterpiece because they're probably the same people who are streaming all the other awful rap songs as well.

3- "Havana" - Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug (-1) -- Camila just couldn't catch a break with this song. Even if she finally overcomes "rockstar," she'll be right back at No. 2 because she's not getting past Ed and Beyonce. The silver lining, though, is that "Havana" is now on top of the radio charts, dethroning "Thunder."

4- "Gucci Gang" - Lil Pump (=) -- OK, I'm happy that this now seems stuck below the top three and that it arrived to late in the year to even think about making the end of year charts, but the next step is to remove this from the top five so it can then tumble out of the top 10 and get out of my life for good.

5- "Thunder" - Imagine Dragons (=) -- At this point, I would take "Thunder" moving up a spot if it meant dumping "Gucci Gang." But a better scenario would be to dump both of these songs. As I previously mentioned, this finally got dethroned on the radio, but said radio is still big enough for it to stubbornly stick around for a while longer.

6- "Too Good at Goodbyes" - Sam Smith (=) -- I'm really happy that Sam Smith has finally stabilized on the charts. I would prefer this to go higher, but at least it's not going away. So I'll take that as a win. But if this could somehow jump ahead of "Gucci Gang" and "Thunder," that would be fantastic.

7- "No Limit" - G-Eazy featuring A$AP Rocky & Cardi B (+1) -- Cardi's tumble with "Bodak Yellow" is Cardi's gain with "No Limit." That's unfortunate really because "No Limit" is a piece of trash. Let's just hope that this doesn't get any higher.

8- "Bad at Love" - Halsey (+3) -- I saw this one coming. After The Chainsmokers put Halsey in the limelight for probably way longer than either act deserved with "Closer," many wondered if Halsey would be able to make it back to the top 10 on her own. Myself included. Turns out the answer to that is yes. And while I'm happy to have another female in the top 10 as our male/female ratio this year in the top 10 remains around a 75/25 proportion, Halsey's not exactly the female artist that I wanted in this region. I would've much rather had Dua Lipa, but she unfortunately got kicked down a few notches instead of going up, which makes me sad. I hope she can recover.

9- "Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)" - Cardi B (-2) -- It's quite likely that this is Cardi B's last week in the top 10 with "Bodak Yellow." While I've developed a semi-neutral feel towards it due to my hatred of everything else, I would still contend that in three months from now no one on planet earth will remember this song existed.

10- "What Lovers Do" - Maroon 5 featuring SZA (-1) -- At also makes me really happy that Maroon 5 hasn't been able to get much traction in the top 10 with this song. It's now celebrated four weeks in the top 10 with No. 9 being as high as it managed to get.

Rising on the Hot 100:

11- "All I Want for Christmas is You" - Mariah Carey (+10) -- Christmas season has finally arrived and Mariah Carey celebrated her annual re-entry onto the Billboard charts last week with her modern-day Christmas classic in "All I Want for Christmas is You." In previous years, the highest this song was able to get was No. 11, which is where it now stands in its second week of the season. Every year I wonder if this is the year it finally cracks the top 10 and boy it's looking like this just might be the year, which will have me ecstatic because this is a pretty good Christmas song.

Since I don't have a section for re-entries as I usually don't care that much, I will note here that other Christmas songs that returned to the Billboard charts this week are "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" by Brenda Lee at No. 37, "The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You)" by Nat King Cole at No. 42, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" by Andy Williams at No. 45 and "A Holly Jolly Christmas" by Burl Ives at No. 47. I hope they all have success this season and I imagine that we'll even get a few more as Christmas gets even closer. The Billboard rules are that they have to crack the top 50 and be gaining in several categories in order to justify their return.

13- "Gummo" - 6ix9ine (+41) -- Well this is concerning. Are people who are streaming this song paying any attention to what this thug is saying? It's a very disturbing song by a very disturbed individual and I'm baffled that we're giving this guy a career because he probably deserves to be in jail. At least he would if he ever followed through with anything he rapped about in this song. I imagine this got this high because of some sort of music video? If this ends up being top 10 material, that might be just as bad if not worse than "Gucci Gang."

14- "I Get the Bag" - Gucci Mane featuring Migos (+2) -- We stopped this song from entering the top 10 before as it previously peaked at No. 11. Let's repeat that and keep this song in the teens.

15- "MotorSport" - Migos, Nicki Minaj & Cardi B (+2) -- I'm surprised that this song has done nothing but hang around in the teens since debuting a month ago. I'm definitely not complaining, though, because the world needs to reject Migos and leave their disgustingly annoying style of rap in 2017.

22- "Let You Down" - NF (+7) -- Top 20 next week for the Christian rapper? That would excite me. Can we get this even higher by elevating it into the top 10? I'm not holding my breath for that, but I'd be happy if it did.

26- "How Long" - Charlie Puth (+6) -- How long to I have to suffer from Charlie Puth being on the charts before the world realizes that the man has no ounce of talent in him and starts to reject his bland, boring music?

29- "The Way Life Goes" - Lil Uzi Vert featuring Nicki Minaj (+10) -- Does anyone remember that Lil Uzi released an album back in September? I didn't think so. No surprise that the song with the Nicki feature is the only song from that album that's actually doing anything. There's certainly more offensive things making their way to the top right now, but I'd be really happy if we rejected Lil Uzi and left his untalented self in 2017 and just call him one of the many horrible mistakes.

31- "Meant to Be" - Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line (+9) -- I'm pretty sure this is the top country song of the week. I'm glad they have things figured out at the moment. I'm also pretty sure that this is a perfect song to also be crossing over to pop radio, so I hope this can go even higher. If this ends up being Florida Georgia Line's best hit, I would be a happy man because this is one of the few times they've managed to impress me as they fit together quite well with Bebe.

35- "Sky Walker" - Miguel featuring Travis Scott (+20) -- I'm half tempted to believe that the only reason this song is getting any traction is because the new Star Wars movie is about to come out, which should be embarrassing for Miguel if any Star Wars fans actually read these lyrics because I'm also half tempted to believe that Miguel knows nothing about Star Wars. I mean, if he did, he'd be able to have more intelligent Star Wars references in his song, right?

39- "End Game" - Taylor Swift featuring Ed Sheeran & Future (+44) -- I told you I'd give you my thoughts on this song if Taylor's album ever debuted on Apple Music. It finally did. And while I give the album a B grade overall -- there's a combination of a lot to love and lot of meh -- this is by far the worst thing that Taylor put on the album. The combination of Taylor and Future goes together about as well as lathering your vanilla ice cream with barbecue sauce, pickles and onions. It's especially bad when Taylor tries to rap like Future towards the end of the song. And not to mention the lyrics are atrociously boring and bland. Taylor Swift wants to be her boyfriend's end game. And she claims that she doesn't like the drama. Ha! Yeah... right. The only thing that kinda brings a touch of life to the song is Ed Sheeran providing a kick of energy in his verse. I hope this isn't Taylor's idea of a new single after her others have already all failed. Instead she should try "New Years Day," "Dancing with Our Hands Tied" or "Delicate" because those might work out better for her.

44- "Ric Flair Drip" - Offset & Metro Boomin (+5) -- The other songs from this collaboration from 21 Savage, Offset and Metro Boomin are all dying off. I wish this song would follow. But it doesn't seem to be climbing too fast, so let's hope it stalls out before gaining too much traction.

New Arrivals:

21- "Him & I" - G-Eazy & Halsey -- I suppose it makes sense for this collaboration to happen given that G-Eazy and Halsey are a couple right now. But given how much Halsey gushed about this song and how special it is to her via twitter and various interviews, I expected there to actually be something to this song. Halsey's chorus is perhaps the most generic and boring chorus you can think of for a love song while G-Eazy throws in two lazy rap verses between said chorus getting repeated over and over. I'm sure these two are madly in love with each other in real life, but it doesn't show in this song. Instead G-Eazy calls them the 2017 Bonnie and Clyde. I mean, does he know that Bonnie and Clyde were criminal masterminds in the 1930's. Yes, their story is really interesting, which ends with the definition of overkill as police fired a reported 130 rounds into their car to ambush them. But shouldn't there be a better romantic comparison that G-Eazy should be using? I don't know. G-Eazy is a boring rapper and Halsey is a boring female pop star. So this collaboration is about as boring as you might think. Halsey has more chemistry with Andrew Taggart on "Closer" and I'm pretty sure those two now hate each other given how much of a punk Taggart is.

61- "Kooda" - 6ix9ine -- Not only do we have 6ix9ine soaring into the top 15 this week, but that success caused him to chart another song as well. It's essentially the exact same song as "Gummo." In other words, it's equally as disturbing. I mean, if you ignore the lyrics of the song, I can see how this style of angry rap can be appealing. I prefer that over mumble rap. But this song is 6ix9ine yelling at me about the awful stuff him and his gang are doing or are planning on doing. A lot of gun references, murder references, sexual references and all of that awful stuff. I certainly hope all of his sexual references are at least assumed to be consensual with the females, because just looking at the lyrics it sounds an awful lot like he's bragging about his gang raping and murdering people. Lots of gang banging references and other lines such as "you gon' die tonight" followed by "black van, pull up to your momma crib, boy, tie her up, drive that s--- off a bridge, boy." Sorry if that's more information than you wanted to hear, but I'm just trying to prove a point about this guy's lyrics and how it's appalling if we're accepting this as good music deserving of popularity. If I missed the mark here, please tell me and try to explain to me how things lyrics aren't appalling.

93- "Juice" - Yo Gotti -- Yo Gotti has the fortunate timing of following a song wherein the guy is bragging about murdering people. So of course it can't get any worse. He's not yelling at me. He's not mumbling at me. He's just bragging about how he's got that juice. He says that juice in this context is having "it" whatever "it" is. So essentially bragging about how awesome he is, which is boring. I mean, this is from this guy's ninth studio album. And this is all he's coming up with. Super boring and dumb. But at least he's not yelling at me about how he's going to kill someone, so that's a plus, right?

95- "Bella y Sensual" - Romeo Santos featuring Nicky Jam & Daddy Yankee -- Ha! I don't need a translator to figure out what that title means. Beautiful and sensual. And I'm guessing that sensual is meaning more on the lines of sexy. And we have three guys singing, so they're all singing about one girl, right? That's some fine detective work on my part. All three of these Latino singers have a distinct personality, thus they play off each other rather well. Romeo has the super romantic voice, Nicky is more normal and down to earth while Daddy Yankee is the aggressive one. And all of this makes a lot of sense when I do a bit of translation. All three of them are competing for one girl. Romeo is going to try to serenade her. Nicky promises that he will treat her well. Daddy Yankee is the dominant personality as he feels like he wants to conquer her by showing his manliness and what not. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here wondering if this girl even wants any of them. Judging by the ear test alone, this isn't a Latino song that stands out from the crowd, but it's an alright one. I mostly like Romeo and Nicky playing off each other while Daddy Yankee is more jarring as he doesn't fit as well. I say they should've had a female singer in there and it would've been much better.

97- "Marry Me" - Thomas Rhett -- There's two songs titled "Marry Me" that I really like, one by Train and the other by Jason Derulo. I'm sure there's many more, but those two really stand out to me as super romantic songs that I'd want to play at my wedding reception. Could Thomas Rhett possibly add to that? It starts off that way, actually. He talks about how this girl wants to get married and he describes her dream wedding. So far so good. Then he turns it to his perspective and reveals to us that she wants to get married... but not to him. Oh poor little Thomas Rhett. Maybe if you would've treated her like an actual woman and not a potential object of your gratification, perhaps this story would've turned out nicer. Yes, I'm referring to his previous single "Craving You" which was really off-putting. I find out amusing how the two songs connect together. Thus this ends up as forgettable as the single that came between the two songs, which was ironically titled "Unforgettable."

98- "Five More Minutes" - Scotty McCreery --  Earlier this year we had Lauren Alaina show up on the charts in a couple of different songs. It seems fitting that we now have Scotty McCreery show up as well. Both of the finalists from the final season of "American Idol" that I ever watched. Because there was so much talent that year, yet the two that made it furthest were the least talented of the bunch. Especially not Scotty McCreery, who had a deep country voice, but nothing else. No range. No capability of writing or singing anything particularly interesting. But because "American Idol" was a popularity contest and not a music competition, the kid won. Now several years later since I've heard anything from him, he's still about as boring and lifeless as I remember. Granted, this is better than some country songs I've heard, but given that this song is a tribute to his late grandpa, I would've liked it if he brought up his grandpa at the beginning of the song and spent the whole song singing about him instead of boringly spending the whole song describing random moments where he wants five more minutes. Wanting five more minutes with his grandpa at the end of the song worked and was decently emotional for the untalented Scotty, but the rest of the song leading up to it was boring. Fans of Scotty should like this, though.

99- "Criminal" - Natti Natasha & Ozuna -- For the final song of the week, we have two additional Latino singers who are benefiting from the Latin Revolution on the Billboard charts thanks mainly to "Despacito." Although they fooled me at first because criminal is an English word. But apparently also a Spanish word. Sometimes the words are the same. In "Bella y Sensual" I said that the song could've used a female singer. Perhaps Natti Natasha could've been said girl because I like her and I think she would've worked well with Romeo and Nicky. Ozuna didn't stand out as much, but he provided a decent balance here. The problem with this specific song is that I looked up the lyrics and it seemed pretty basic as she's calling him a criminal for stealing his heart. Pretty cliche there. But if the beat works, I can often forgive that, especially since I'm less critical when I can't understand the lyrics. But the song feels like it's dragging. If there were a remix of this song that sped it up and made it more dancy song, I would've enjoyed this more. I do think it's the better of the two Latin songs on the charts this week, but I'm not overly impressed with either of them.

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DrogeMiester's Billboard Analysis - December 16, 2017

The new Billboard charts have arrived and so it's time again for me to give you my thoughts! In this weekly post, I cover three sections. First, I give my thoughts on the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. Second, I give my thoughts on the songs that experienced significant gains below the top 10. Third, I give my initial thoughts on our new arrivals this week. I reserve the right to switch things up in the future, but for now this is what I'm sticking with. I've followed the Billboard charts for a long time now and this is a great way for me to express my thoughts to the world. I hope you enjoy!

Billboard Hot 100 Top 10:

1- "rockstar" - Post Malone featuring 21 Savage (=) -- I hate that we live in a world where a song as boring and unintelligent as "rockstar" is the No. 1 song for eight weeks in a row. If this were a week or two at the top, then whatever. I could shrug that off. But this is now one of the biggest songs of 2017 and is quickly climbing that decade chart as well. It's frustrating. It seems like it's on its way out as it's either peaked or declined in all categories. But none of the songs seem strong enough to catch it. I've decided that "Havana" is not going to be the song to do it. But it might have some surprise competition from "Perfect." I'll get to that in a second.

2- "Havana" - Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug (=) -- The numbers for "rockstar" vs. "Havana" are such that "rockstar" fell 8 percent in overall points, which is good, but "Havana" fell 14 percent in over points. After getting a good boost on streaming last week, "Havana" fell back down to earth with a 14 percent fall to 34.4 million U.S. streams. "rockstar" also fell in streaming, but only 9 percent to 50.5 million U.S. streams. And that's the difference as "Havana" has sizable gains in both radio and sales, but it doesn't seem to matter with how much emphasis is on streaming.

3- "Perfect" - Ed Sheeran (+2) -- The reason I say "Perfect" might have a decent chance of challenging "rockstar" for that top spot is that at the tail end of this week's tracking week, Ed Sheeran released a remix of the song that features Beyonce, that was able to push it to No. 3. Next week will be the first full week of tracking for the remix and kworb.net is currently estimating that the remix by itself is set to sell 110,000 sales while the original is getting around 70,000 sales thanks also to an iTunes discount. Radio also loves this song, so those numbers are continually rising, and if the remix also helps it give a boost on streaming, this could very well be No. 1 next week, which would I would be ecstatic about. Not just because I want "rockstar" gone (I never wanted it at the top in the first place), but I also love this song and the addition of Beyonce enhances the song as it transforms from a beautiful wedding ballad about a guy singing to a girl he loves into a beautiful duet where both members in this couple are singing about how much they love each other. While some remixes of late have seemed forced, this one feels natural. As if Ed Sheeran should've released this version first.

4- "Gucci Gang" - Lil Pump (-1) -- The universe is balancing out. A couple of weeks ago I was ready to abandon all hope as I thought this was going No. 1. But now it is starting to tank on streaming, falling 20 percent to 39.6 million U.S. streams while also tanking in sales that it never really had in the first place (15,000 this week). I'm still angry that it got this high, but I'm happy that it might be heading out before too long.

5- "Thunder" - Imagine Dragons (-1) -- Now if only "Thunder" could die with "Gucci Gang." Unfortunately this is still holding decently well, no thanks to radio deciding they love this bland piece of garbage. I think its fall is more due to the surge of "Perfect." Either it stays at No. 5 next week or goes back up to No. 4.

6- "Too Good at Goodbyes" - Sam Smith (+1) -- Here's a nice surprise. I was ready to be upset at the fact that it looked like this was heading out. But now it looks like it's officially going to be camping out for a while. At least in the bottom half of the top 10. I would love for this to gain more traction and camp out in the top five instead, but hey I'll take what I can get. I'm glad this is still here.

7- "Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)" - Cardi B (-1) -- Cardi B is thankfully on her way out. But hey, to her credit, she is much better than "rockstar," "Gucci Gang" or this other piece of trash, which she is also a part of, right below her.

 8- "No Limit" - G-Eazy featuring A$AP Rocky & Cardi B (+3) -- I'm not surprised that this hit top 10. It's been slowly on the rise for quite some time now. But I'm still not happy about this. Now if this can be one of those songs that hangs out for a few weeks in the bottom half of the top 10 before quickly leaving, that would be a minor win for me. I hope that's more than wishful thinking.

9- "What Lovers Do" - Maroon 5 (+1) -- Not surprised at this minor jump. I imagine it has a few jumps left in it in the coming weeks with songs like "Bodak Yellow" falling, but I really hope this is a temporary stay in the bottom half of the top 10. The world doesn't need any more of Adam Levine or his essentially non-existent band Maroon 5. They forgot how to write good music a long time ago.

10- "Feel It Still" - Portugal. The Man (-2) -- This week we lost Demi Lovato's "Sorry Not Sorry" again as it falls back down after a bump from the AMAs. It was nice, though, that we got to keep Portugal. The Man for another week. I'm not sure if we'll get another hit from this band as it seems this might be another case of the song going viral as opposed to the artist themselves (that's how we get one hit wonders), but I'm really happy that this managed to be a very welcome bright spot in a very frustrating 2017. Let's please bring more songs like this onto the charts?

Rising on the Hot 100:

11- "Bad at Love" - Halsey (+3) -- Halsey looks like she is on the brink of getting her first top 10 as a solo artist after spending what seemed like an eternity in the top 10 thanks to the Chainsmokers and their song "Closer." I wish I could be happier for Halsey, but I'm really not. I'm not at the point of anger, though. I'm more in the middle with this song, not hating it, but not really caring about it either.

15- "New Rules" - Dua Lipa (+3) -- I would be super happy if Dua Lipa got to the top 10. With her now getting to the top 15 for the first time ever, it looks like she might be just a few weeks away from her first ever top 10. The world could use a few more female pop singers to gain popularity, so I'm glad the music gods have chosen Dua Lipa.

19- "I Fell Apart" - Post Malone (+2) -- I don't even hardly remember this song, so it somehow managed to surprise me by hitting top 20 this week. I remember "Candy Paint" from "The Fate of the Furious" soundtrack, which debuted like a month ago. But not this. I suppose I better start bracing this because for some horrible reason the music gods have selected Post Malone to be a superstar. So I went back and re-read my thoughts on this song from October. Oh yeah. This is the song where Post Malone grumbles and complains the whole song that he couldn't buy a girl's love with his fame and riches. No thanks. This can go away, please.

27- "Love." - Kendrick Lamar featuring Zacari (+12) -- So here's a pleasant surprise. Kendrick's whole album debuted on the charts earlier this year, causing me to listen to the whole thing, which turned out to be a great experience. A lot of the songs held well on the charts, but I didn't think that I would get another song promoted as a new single. So I was caught off guard that this song returned and is now getting a good push. But I love it because this is one of the better songs from that album. It follows the song "Lust.," which in turn follows "Pride." and "Humble." In context of the album, Kendrick is weaving together beautiful themes that are resonant and emotional. But "Love." also stands good on its own as it's a slow ballad for Kendrick as his smooth rap is balanced well with Zacari's high register, as the two talk about the simple desire to be loved. As I think about it, this could definitely crossover well with pop radio. So even if you are like me and you don't usually like rap, check this one out because you might like it.

29- "Let You Down" - NF (+19) -- A 19-spot jump for this Christian rap song? Man, we have quite a bit of good news this week. I didn't think this song was capable of having a very high ceiling, but I'm apparently very wrong as this seems to be catching on with pop radio. That surprises me, but doesn't disappoint me. Let's keep this going.

36- "Silence" - Marshmello featuring Khalid (+7) -- Last week I mentioned that I liked Khalid, but I didn't want "Young Dumb & Broke" as the song that gets popular. This is the song that I prefer and I'm glad to see that it's the song to gain traction this week. Khalid works quite well with Marshmello.

43- "Plain Jane" - A$AP Ferg (+7) -- Well, it can't all be good. We have a streak of dog crap rising in the 40's to finish off this section this week. I don't know which one I dislike more. I just want all of them to go away.

46- "Rubbin off the Paint" - YBN Nahmir (+6) -- I want all three of these songs to go away. We don't need this guy around.

49- "Ric Flair Drip" - Offset & Metro Boomin (+5) -- Did you hear me? I want all three of these songs to go away. And we certainly don't need any more of Offset.

New Arrivals:

28- "MIC Drop" - BTS featuring Desiigner -- BTS and Desiigner? What the heck? Who on planet earth asked for THAT collaboration? No, I take that back, who is the one who even thought of this? Now I'm going to risk being burned alive by the angry mob of BTS fans (believe me, they're there and they're LOUD) in order to say that these kids need to go back to Korea and leave us Americans alone. We don't need their trash on the American charts. No, I don't mind K-Pop. It's usually a fun genre. But I call these kids the Korean One Direction because there's like 90 of them who all sound the exact same. There's very little harmonies here. Just them taking turns singing the melody, a style that I've never liked when you have a group of people singing. Give each member of your group something to do instead of taking turns singing the melody. And then when I translate their lyrics, I see nothing special. To top things off, they have a giant mob of fans who worship the ground they walk on. So yeah. Korean One Direction. K1D.

But this song specifically is a chore. The original from their album is mostly in Korean and they're doing some Korean hip-hop where they're bragging about how awesome and famous they are. I hate when any rappers do that. Especially when it comes from a boy band who aren't very good at rapping and don't have any of the swag they think they do. But it's whatever. Yet they add Desiigner in and with this remix he takes the floor from the beginning and spends nearly half the song rambling on about a bunch of nonsense. Now listen. I didn't mind "Panda" and I even enjoyed "Timmy Turner." But this does not work for Desiigner at all. When BTS finally comes in, I don't need a translation because they spend most of their time rapping in English with a brief Korean outro to finish things off. And it's the exact same things they were saying when I looked up the translation of the original. Them bragging about how awesome they are. It's not interesting. To wrap this up, this remix is actually a Steve Aoki remix, which is completely unnecessary because this song was already electronic to begin with. Steve Aoki just put his little spin on it. The whole song screams cocky desperation from this group and I don't like it. Crucify me if you feel like it.

52- "Codeine Dreaming" - Kodak Black featuring Lil Wayne -- I thought we agreed to leave Kodak Black in 2017? Well, I suppose the year isn't over yet, so there's still time to abandon him. But if his success carries into 2018, I'm going to be angry. I almost quit listening to this specific song after the intro when Kodak was mumbling worse than anything he'd done before. But I carried on. His mumbling did get a little better, but he's spending the whole song talking about how he wants to do drugs and it would not surprise me if he was high on drugs during the whole writing and recording process. If you also love doing drugs, then I guess you might get along with Kodak and enjoy listening to this drug anthem while you do your drugs because you won't be able to coherently listen to the words anyways, which is OK because Kodak barely got them out. Lil Wayne comes in for a few seconds and repeats everything Kodak said the verse before. So you know, that's quite the collaboration. Lil Wayne didn't even sound like he wanted to be there. But does he ever?

86- "Krippy Kush" - Farruko, Nicki Minaj, Bad Bunny, 21 Savage & Rvssian -- The credits alone on this song just sounded disgusting. I didn't even know who Farruko was, but with who he brought in, I felt like I didn't want to. Turns out he's like the Latino Migos. And there's a version of this song without Nicki and 21 Savage, which is bad enough. Perhaps the worst of all the Spanish songs that have graced the Billboard charts this year. I mean it's like this, "krippy krippy krippy krippy krippy... kush kush kush kush kush." Super annoying. Give a horrid verse to both Nicki and 21 Savage in the remix and we have all kinds of problems with this song.

98- "Legends" - Kelsea Ballerini -- After three horrid experiences so far this week, I was really glad to get to Kelsea. I haven't quite gone through her album "Unapologetically" from earlier this year, but I'm excited to because I enjoy her brand of country-pop. While this specific song is nothing to write home about, it was definitely a great change of pace this week. Kelsea does bring her typical charm and grace here that makes this a very relaxing listen. I was going to say it is simple and short, but then I looked and realized it's four minutes long, which means it just goes by really fast because I enjoyed the whole song. I think she's had lyrics that were deeper and more meaningful, but the song has a good beat to it and Kelsea has a great voice that makes this work. When I go through the album, I'll let you know how this fits in with the rest of the album.

99- "Total Eclipse of the Heart" - Chloe Kohanski -- Oh, so we're back to "The Voice" again? How often does this show run? I don't actually know, nor do I really care to look it up again. But the YouTube clip I watched here claims we're in the Top 11 and the lone song from the week that broke onto the charts is this girl named Chloe Kohanski performing Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart." In terms of Bonnie Tyler's songs, this one is definitely her most popular song as well as her lone No. 1 hit on the Hot 100. I personally prefer "Holding out for a Hero," but this song is solid as well, even though I mostly think of the hilarious literal music video of the song, making fun of its ridiculous 80's music video. In terms of Chloe covering this song, her voice matches Bonnie Tyler's voice rather well, thus I think this was an excellent selection for her and she brought a lot of emotion to the table while performing it that had her in tears towards the end of the song, which I appreciated. But she did play things a bit safe. Bonnie brings a lot of power to the song that she slowly builds to throughout the song and I didn't quite get that same emotional satisfaction from Chloe. I felt she had the potential to belt it out just like Bonnie does, but she didn't. So it was a good performance. But I've heard much better from "The Voice." I like this girl's potential, though.

100- "Perro Fiel" - Shakira featuring Nicky Jam -- We end this week with an actually good Latino song, unlike whatever the heck that "Krippy Kush" garbage was. I glanced over the English translation of this song and it didn't seem anything too special or unique, but Shakira has always been one of my favorite Latino singers as I've enjoyed her regardless of whether she's singing in English or Spanish. Whatever her and Nicky Jam are talking about in this song, they do a good job of playing off each other and making this a good duet. And although I enjoy this song, when compared to other Shakira songs, this is a softer, more toned down song. Shakira holds back instead of bursting out with fire and passion. That's not always a bad thing, but in this instance I think it makes the song a bit forgettable. I feel that if I listened to this whole album, this would be a song that felt more like an album filler when compared to other songs on the album like "Me Enamore" or "Chantaje," both of which I still really enjoy. I guess I prefer Shakira when she's singing upbeat songs that make you want to jump up and dance while "Perro Fiel" is a song to play in the background.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

DrogeMiester's Billboard Analysis - December 9, 2017

The new Billboard charts have arrived and so it's time again for me to give you my thoughts! In this weekly post, I cover three sections. First, I give my thoughts on the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. Second, I give my thoughts on the songs that experienced significant gains below the top 10. Third, I give my initial thoughts on our new arrivals this week. I reserve the right to switch things up in the future, but for now this is what I'm sticking with. I've followed the Billboard charts for a long time now and this is a great way for me to express my thoughts to the world. I hope you enjoy!

Billboard Hot 100 Top 10:

1- "rockstar" - Post Malone featuring 21 Savage (=) -- What are we doing, America? Why in the name of everything that's good and right in the world did we give Post Malone seven weeks at No. 1? Can we get over ourselves, call this an extreme embarrassment that we let such a boring song delivered by such poor talent do this well and move on with life? Holding this song up, once again, is the monstrous streaming, which, after several weeks of declining, has now had a major increase for the second straight week as it jumps up 12 percent to 55.3 million U.S. streams. I'm not sure why it got the boost last week, but this week it's because Post Malone finally dropped the official video instead of just having that weird black snake/barbed wire official audio thing. Maybe that means next week it will drop in streaming and let "Havana" take a turn at the top because "Havana" is now owning "rockstar" on both sales and radio. And for your useless fact of the week courtesy of Gary Trust's weekly article on Billboard.com, "rockstar" has tied the record for most weeks at No. 1 for a song with the word "rock" somewhere in the title. The tie is with Joan Jett & the Blackhearts' "I Love Rock & Roll."

2- "Havana" - Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug (=) -- If you're curious about official numbers, "rockstar" leads the charts with 55.3 million U.S streams (up 12 percent), 58,000 sales (up 10 percent) and 86 million in radio audience (up 6 percent). "Havana" this week has 40.2 million U.S. streams (up 20 percent), 85,000 sales (up 14 percent) and 105 million in radio audience (up 20 percent). So yeah, it gained a lot of momentum this week and is only trailing in streaming. Perhaps Billboard needs to adjust their formula to not put so much emphasis on streaming, because that's where all the awful songs are coming from, anyways.

3- "Gucci Gang" - Lil Pump (=) -- This songs stays put this week at No. 3 instead of jumping higher like I feared it would. So we're going to call that a momentary win.

4- "Thunder" - Imagine Dragons (=) -- Imagine Dragons also stays put. In case you're a fan of this empty, lifeless song, don't get your hopes up that this is getting any higher, because, despite a lead on radio, streaming is M.I.A. compared to the top three, so this ain't going anywhere. I personally hope the radio drops it and causes it to fall.

5- "Perfect" - Ed Sheeran (+2) -- It's good to see Ed Sheeran in the top five because now we have another song that's actually worthy of this status. It was frustrating to only have "Havana" to cheer for in the top five last week. I'm not even madly in love with "Havana," but it's the only song that was even decent. Ed Sheeran gets a lot of hate from certain crowds, but come on. Wouldn't you rather have a pretty love ballad towards the top than all this disgusting rap music?

6- "Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)" - Cardi B (-1) -- We let Cardi B get 14 weeks in the top five. That was probably 14 weeks too long. But hey, I've warmed up on this song just a tiny bit for the sole reason that it's much better than "rockstar" and "Gucci Gang," even though that's not saying much. I'd be willing to give this song another few weeks if it meant getting rid of the other two. But the best situation would be to simply get rid of all three of them and replace them with good songs.

7- "Too Good at Goodbyes" - Sam Smith (-1) -- On the one hand, I'm glad that this has enough traction to not fall out of the top 10. But on the other, I wish it had more traction to actually make an impact in the top five. If this became our No. 1 hit I would be really happy because it's easily the best song in the top 10 right now

8- "Feel It Still" - Portugal. The Man (+1) -- We got rid of Logic this week as well as "Mi Gente," but we kept Portugal. The Man for another week! That made me happy. I don't know how much longer this has left, but I'll take as many weeks as I can get.

9- "Sorry Not Sorry" - Demi Lovato (+3) -- Welcome back to the top 10, Demi! I believe this got a boost because Demi performed this at the American Music Awards. In fact, that also helped "Feel It Still" and "Thunder" this week. So I imagine this will drop out again next week, but it was good to have it back.

10- "What Lovers Do" - Maroon 5 featuring SZA (+1) -- I'm not surprised to see this back. But I would prefer it if it didn't get much higher than this. At least stay in the bottom half of the top 10. That would be nice.

Rising on the Hot 100:

11- "No Limit" - G-Eazy featuring A$AP Rocky & Cardi B (+2) -- I dread the day that this sneaks into the top 10. Each new week I think that this will be the week. And it looks like next week will be the week. But wouldn't it be great if this instead got stuck at No. 11?

14- "Bad at Love" - Halsey (+3) -- Halsey also seems headed for the top 10. Although I don't envision this getting too high when it gets there.

15- "Bank Account" - 21 Savage (+12) -- This song keeps haunting me. Why won't it go away for good, already?

19- "Despacito" - Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber (+3) -- "Despacito" got nominated for both record of the year and song of the year. In record of the year, it's competing against "Redbone" by Childish Gambino, "The Story of O.J." by JAY-Z, "HUMBLE." by Kendrick Lamar and "24K Magic" by Bruno Mars. In song of the year, it's competing against "4:44" by JAY-Z, "Issues" by Julia Michaels, "1-800-273-8255" by Logic and "That's What I Like" by Bruno Mars. Outside the Bruno Mars songs, that's not a bad group of songs even though that's not the selection of songs I was expecting. Grammy's are kinda random like that. Sometimes I feel they pick their nominations out of a hat.  

20- "Wolves" - Selena Gomez & Marshmello (+31) -- This song was also performed at the AMAs in addition to having its video drop recently. So it's a double whammy with the chart points. I'm certainly happy. I would love this song to go top 10 because Selena and Marshmello are perfect for each other.

22- "Young Dumb & Broke" - Khalid (+7) -- If I'm right, there was a performance at the AMAs that was a medley of "Thunder" and "Young Dumb & Broke." That sounds like a strange medley and I'm not curious enough to figure out how that turned out. But it explains why this song hits a new high. Honestly not my favorite thing Khalid has done. I support him in general, but not with this song, really.

29- "Gummo" - 6ix9ine (+29) -- Ew gross. Get this song the heck away from here. Mr. violent temper-tantrum should be far away from the Billboard charts, not soaring up it. Please let this be a one-week thing.

34- "How Long" - Charlie Puth (+6) -- Oh dear. The radio continuing their confusing love affair with bland, boring Charlie Puth once again. Make it stop!

42- "Meant to Be" - Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line (+9) -- This I support. Bebe's dip into country pop really works. Pop radio and country radio should be blasting this song, so I hope it continues to soar higher.

52- "Rubbin off the Paint" - YBN Nahmir (+28) -- Well, at least this song isn't YBN rapping about killing people 6ix9ine, but it's been two weeks and I had totally forgot that this boring piece of nonsense from a punk 17-year-old kid even existed. All these boring SoundCloud rap songs just combine into one big mess of awfulness for me.

63- "Lemon" - N.E.R.D & Rihanna (+16) -- I expected this song to start soaring up the charts, but it fell last week after its debut two weeks ago, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see if this actually catches on or just hangs around for a couple of months on the bottom half of the charts before going away. I'd be down with it becoming a hit because this is a fun song and we could use more fun songs right now.

66- "Candy Paint" - Post Malone (+12) -- This forgettable song from "Fate of the Furious" gaining traction thanks to Post Malone somehow celebrating seven weeks at No. 1 with his other song. Here's to hoping this doesn't become his next big hit, because I don't want him having anymore of those, like ever.

69- "Betrayed" - Lil Xan (+24) -- More SoundCloud nonsense rising. At least Lil Xan tried to make this an anti-drug song even though he got distracted on the verses. But no, I hope this disappears soon, too.

74- "Mayores" - Becky G featuring Bad Bunny (+10) -- Sure. I'll take Becky G and Bad Bunny. Bring this to the top 50!

87- "Too Much to Ask" - Niall Horan (+12) -- Is it too much for me to ask for me to hope Niall Horan goes away? This disappeared for a month or so before re-entering last week. I suppose I can't complain too much because 87 isn't very high at all.

New Arrivals:

47- Échame La Culpa" - Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato -- It's Fonsi's follow-up to "Desapacito." Instead of doing a pure Latino song first and then remixing it with an English-speaking singer later, he gets straight to the point and features Demi on his song, with both singing in both English and Spanish during the song. This actually works really well. While Bieber's "Despacito" remix feels a bit forced and done just for the sake of popularity on the U.S. Billboard charts, Demi feels more natural, even if Fonsi's motivations for singing with her may be the same. You can't get a Latino song popular in the U.S. without including an American singer, right? But perhaps Demi feels more natural because she does have Mexican heritage through her father's line. I'm guessing this isn't the first time she's spoken or sang in Spanish. But if it is, then good on her. She sounds like a natural. If you are one who felt "Despacito" was annoying, I'm predicting you'll find this one less annoying. It's less in your face and less catchy, but it's also a really nice tune that I enjoy. I also think the lyrics are better than "Despacito." And I don't have to look up the English translation to figure it out because there's a lot of English in the song. But looking up that translation, it supports the idea that this is a song where the two lovers are putting the blame on themselves rather than putting the blame on the other. That's refreshing. I highly doubt this will become the next "Desapcito" for Fonsi, but I hope it has a decent run.

79- "Awful Things" - Lil Peep -- This is a song who's title describes most of 2017's music. I rolled my eyes when I saw this because someone by the name of Lil Peep releasing a song called "Awful Things" just sounded like another horrible SoundCloud rapper that I didn't want to deal with. But speaking of awful things, I looked up Lil Peep and learned that he died of a drug overdose a few weeks ago on November 15, which is probably why this song is here. When I read about him, he was labeled as an emo hip-hop artist whose songs were about very depressing subjects such as drug use and suicide. This song is definitely emo as he sounds angry that this relationship has been burned down to the ground as he wants the girl to say awful things to him so that it helps him get through things without her. But this song isn't rap or hip-hop. This is more like alternative rock. Which makes me curious to know how much like Linkin Park this whole album sounds like. I wonder how I would've felt about this guy had he not just passed away, but would this have charted if he were still alive? As is, it's kinda sad and somber listening to this in context. This is certainly much better than most of the awful things that have hit the charts this year.

86- "End Game" - Taylor Swift featuring Ed Sheeran & Future -- Taylor Swift still hasn't released her album on any streaming platforms, so I will forgo giving my opinion on this until I have a way of listening to it. I will say that Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran sounds like a good collaboration. We've had that before on her album "Red" with the song "Everything Has Changed," which is a song I enjoy. Including Future, though, does not sound like a good idea. He usually ruins everything he touches. Because of that, I'm not expecting to like this song when I'm able to hear it.

90- "Home" - Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha -- Machine Gun Kelly. A white boy rapper that thinks he's a lot more cool than he is, but is no where close to the levels of the likes of Eminem and Macklemore. At the same time, though, I find him more tolerable than most of the rappers that come through the charts. On this song, MGK is talking about home in a way that's not anything special or unique when compared to the million other songs that are also titled "Home." But it's serviceable. We get a break from MGK on the verses, which is X Ambassadors and Bebe Rexha, who really feel more like afterthoughts on this song. Especially Bebe. I really like her as a singer, but she's used as more of a backup singer on this song, which is unfortunate. If MGK would've given her more to do, I would've been happier. Then we could've left X Ambassadors as the afterthought on the chorus. So overall this song comes off as very average. And when I noticed it's from the upcoming Netflix movie "The Bright," things made sense. It feels perfect as a serviceable filler track on a movie. If this is the big song this movie will be leaning on, that's a bit worrisome.

92- "When We" - Tank -- This song's titled followed by the artist name made me laugh. "When We Tank" should be a song about a losing sports team who's decided to tank for a good draft pick. But no, the artist calls himself Tank and his song is "When We." My question going in was, when we... what? Was this going to be a vague, meaningless song talking about nothing? That's not quite what we get here. The answer to this is, when we... make love with each other. And that's me editing it. So we have a slow, boring song from an R&B artist about making love with a girl that is neither sexy, nor interesting. In fact he's acting like an aggressive jerk in this song, sleeping with her not because he cares about her, but because he wants his own personal pleasure. Yeah, get this song away from me.

95- "Beautiful Trauma" - P!nk -- "Beautiful Trauma" is the second single from P!nk's new album, also called "Beautiful Trauma." It makes sense for her to release the title track from the album as her next single, even though I've been expecting her to release the Eminem collaboration "Revenge," especially since his new album is coming up. Seems like the perfect chance. But oh well. I'll take this song. I don't like it quite as much as "What About Us," but the idea of beautiful trauma is an interesting one. As P!nk said on twitter, life is very traumatic, but also quite beautiful with lots of great people. I also like the phrase in the song "my perfect rock bottom." With this being the opening track, it's a great way to open the album before we dive into all the other themes P!nk discusses.

96- "No Smoke" - YoungBoy Never Broke Again -- This is not a name I was excited to see on the charts again. But I guess we're making YoungBoy a thing. The hook in this song isn't bad, so I'll give him that. It made me wonder if this would be a tolerable rap song, but then we got to the verses and YoungBoy pushed on the gas really hard, but he didn't seem ready for it as he slurs, mumbles and falls all over himself as he crashes through those verses. As if he wrote the song without practicing it, then went straight to the studio where he recorded the song for the first time and turned it into a train wreck, but was too lazy to go back and smooth it out. That's all I got here.

98- "The Rest of Our Life" - Tim McGraw & Faith Hill -- Isn't it sweet and romantic? Tim McGraw and Faith Hill finally made an album together! And this is the song that starts the album off as Tim and Faith tell each other how much they love each other and how they will always feel young for the rest of their lives. It's kind of a sweet, mushy song that I don't really care for too much for. They have great chemistry as a couple and I'm sure those who have been fans of these two will really love this album, but I've never really cared too much for Tim McGraw. I sometimes have liked Faith Hill. But I don't know, this song just doesn't connect with me like romantic wedding songs should. I'm sure they had fun doing this and I'm sure people will like it, but it's just not for me.

99- "Written in the Sand" - Old Dominion -- Another country song that I don't really care for. That means we're 0 for 2 this week with our country songs this week. Whoever the singer is in Old Dominion, I don't care enough to look it up, he's trying to figure out what his relationship is with this girl. He can't decide if they were written in the stars and simply need to work things out or if they're written in the sand and are destined to be washed away. It feels kinda empty to me, lacking any depth or true meaning. At least Tim and Faith seemed to be having a good time with their song.

100- "Faking It" - Calvin Harris featuring Kehlani & Lil Yachty -- I recently listened to Calvin Harris' new album "Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1" from earlier this year as the whole album showed up on the EDM charts during the summer. I usually enjoy Calvin Harris as more of a guilty pleasure EDM artist. Most of his songs are extremely simple and mostly the same, but he has a knack for coming up with a good enough beat that his songs grow on me as fun, harmless EDM songs that are worthy of playing at dance parties. This whole album was a mess, though. "Slide" and "Cash Out" were decent enough to start the album, but the rest of the album was completely uninteresting as he tried to cash in on the huge wave of hip-hop. Every single song has a different hip-hop artist featured and most songs also include a popular pop star tagging along as well. And it doesn't work for me. None of the songs are interesting. And none of them have the classic Calvin Harris beat that makes his song so fun at dance parties. With this song, Kehlani is droning on in boring fashion for most of the song, giving us cliche, boring pop lyrics while Lil Yachty comes in for a third verse feature. There's no drop. No dance beat. Little sign at all of Calvin Harris.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

DrogeMiester's Billboard Analysis - December 2, 2017

The new Billboard charts have arrived and so it's time again for me to give you my thoughts! In this weekly post, I cover three sections. First, I give my thoughts on the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. Second, I give my thoughts on the songs that experienced significant gains below the top 10. Third, I give my initial thoughts on our new arrivals this week. I reserve the right to switch things up in the future, but for now this is what I'm sticking with. I've followed the Billboard charts for a long time now and this is a great way for me to express my thoughts to the world. I hope you enjoy!

Billboard Hot 100 Top 10:

1- "rockstar" - Post Malone featuring 21 Savage (=) -- The Billboard year for 2017 has finished as Billboard counts their year from December through November so that they can get their best of lists out in early December. This has always been a weird thing to me. I guess they think they'll get more views before Christmas as opposed to right after Christmas. But whatever. That's not how I roll. In my books, 2017 still has a month left, meaning we have to suffer through this "rockstar" crap for a few more weeks this year, whereas I thought we were going to end the year with "Havana" being No. 1. Both songs started their 69 cent iTunes discount, which makes sense as to why sales for both jumped up. But where I'm confused is in the streaming. "rockstar" had been declining in streaming the last few weeks, but jumped up 13 percent this week to 49.2 million U.S. streams and I have no idea why. "Havana," while being ahead on sales and radio yet again, with margins increasing there, is only at 33.4 million U.S. streams, which is only a 1 percent increase from last week. Thus I have no idea how long "rockstar" will be ahead of "Havana" as the streaming of "rockstar" will need to plummet for "Havana" to go No. 1 and apparently it's going to be really stubborn on that front, which is frustrating to me because this song belongs nowhere near this spot.

2- "Havana" - Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug (=) -- If "Havana" ends up being another song that gets stuck at the runner-up spot for its peak, I'm going to be really upset. Not necessarily because I'm madly in love with the song, but it is miles better that the song ahead of it and light years better than the song that's now right behind it. I just want a decent song at the top instead of this crap that some people in this country consider good music. "Havana" is a decent song from a decent pop singer. "rockstar" and "Gucci Gang" are both complete crap. I don't understand.

3- "Gucci Gang" - Lil Pump (+9) -- Just when I thought the Billboard charts in 2017 couldn't get any worse with "rockstar" leading for six weeks now, I feel like I just got another punch in the face delivered when I wasn't expecting it. You saw my rant two weeks ago when this snuck into the top 10 and you probably noticed that I was excited last week when it fell back out. I was given a bit of hope there that it would be a one-week wonder in the top 10 and leave me alone. But No. 3? With a whole fetching truck-load of streaming? "Gucci Gang" jumped up 35 percent in streaming this week to 45 million U.S. streams, boosted by continual moment from the music video as well as a bunch of user-generated viral videos that Billboard really needs to ax from their streaming formula. Count the official video and let that be the end of it when it comes to YouTube. As is, it now appears that "Gucci Gang," not "Havana" is more likely to dethrone "rockstar" and that just makes me want to puke.

4- "Thunder" - Imagine Dragons (+1) -- Topping things off, "Thunder" jumped another spot and is now the top song on radio. This comes as no surprise, but Dan Reynolds and company must be super excited that this lazily put-together piece of crap has gained them so much success. This makes me upset because it probably teaches them that the key to success is to put as little effort into your songs as possible while the people who actually care about their music aren't give the time of day. This is not how this thing called music should work. We should reward people for effort and punish the lazy, not the other way around.

5- "Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)" - Cardi B (-2) -- The only positive note in this top five is that "Bodak Yellow" continues to lose steam. But heck, as dumb as this song is, I would actually prefer this over "rockstar," "Gucci Gang" and "Thunder." 

6- "Too Good at Goodbyes" - Sam Smith (-2) -- It's also nice to see that Sam Smith didn't fall too far. He got a huge boost last week thanks to his album release, which made me think that the song would tumble this week, but it only falls two spots as radio holds it up. I hope that it can gain enough radio traction to at least stay in the top 10 for a while.

7- "Perfect" - Ed Sheeran (+1) -- While all seems dark and dreary, at least I have the hope that Ed Sheeran is here for me. If this song, which I still contend is a very sweet and romantic love ballad, continues to rise on the charts, at least that will give me something to hold onto.

8- "1-800-273-8255" - Logic featuring Alessia Cara & Khalid (-2) -- It's been a strong run for Logic in the top 10 and I really appreciate him for making a difference in the world with this song. And due to the fact that I follow the normal calendar year and not Billboard's strange December through November thing, if this song hangs onto a spot in the top 10 for just one more week, it will officially crack the top 10 most popular songs of 2017 according my system, passing Zayn and Taylor Swift's "I Don't Wanna Live Forever," from "Fifty Shades Darker," a song that I'm willing to bet all of you have forgotten by now, from a movie I'll also bet you forgot came out this year.

9- "Feel It Still" - Portugal. The Man (-2) -- After five weeks on top of the radio charts, "Feel It Still" has given the title over to "Thunder." With all the crap happening in 2017, I'm really glad that the radio accepted this song. And a random note from Billboard's weekly article, with Portugal. The Man passing the radio torch to Imagine Dragons, it's the first time in five years that two rock songs have led consecutively on the radio. The previous two were fun.'s "We Are Young" and Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" in 2012. Because apparently those two count as rock songs? 

10- "Mi Gente" - J Balvin & Willy William featuring Beyonce (=) -- Leading the caboose for the to 10 this week is yet again "Mi Gente." Probably because nothing else from the below the top 10 was rising fast enough to kick this out. "Gucci Gang" soaring back into the top 10 kicked out Maroon 5's "What Lovers Do" instead of "Mi Gente." Even though I shed no tears at yet another Maroon 5 song leaving the region, which I imagine will be back anyways, I would be totally willing to trade those two songs again. 

Rising on the Hot 100:

15- "MotorSport" - Migos, Nicki Minaj & Cardi B (+8) -- Migos and their two lady rapper friends complete the successful yo-yo this week as this is around where they debuted two weeks ago before dropping into the 20's following the debut and going right back up this week. Now I would personally prefer of that yo-yo pattern continued next week because I don't want this song in the top 10. That fast we get rid of anything Migos related, the better. If we could just leave them and their horrifically awful style of rap in 2017, that would be greatly appreciated. Write it off as a musical mistake that led to an annoying trend of echoes and sound effects poisoning horribly written rap songs. 

17- "Bad at Love" - Halsey (+3) -- I'm not convinced that Halsey is going to get much higher with this song. It seems like the type of thing that gets stuck in the teens. But if it does go higher, well, I suppose there's worse things that could happen. But there's two ladies right behind her that I would prefer to find success over Halsey.

18- "...Ready for It?" - Taylor Swift (+12) -- The album drop helped Taylor a bit this week as that's what I'm crediting the rise of her two singles. The big question moving forward will surround Taylor's ability to find any actual real traction with this album. Can "...Ready for It?" actually become a major hit? Or will it too start to fall down next week after the album boost fades away?

19- "New Rules" - Dua Lipa (+2) -- I just recently did an in depth look into Dua Lipa's self-titled album from earlier this year and if you haven't listened to it, I'd give it a solid recommendation. It's nothing special, but Dua Lipa is a talented female vocalist with some fun pop songs on the album. I'd give it a solid B grade. The best songs are "No Goodbyes," "Homesick," "Be the One" and "Garden." I don't know what Dua's plans are following "New Rules," but promoting either of those songs would be my personal vote.  In the meantime, I hope that this can somehow sneak its way into the top 10, but I wouldn't be surprised if it also gets stuck in the teens.

31- "Look What You Made Me Do" - Taylor Swift (+6) -- After taking a huge tumble in all metrics following its massive debut, Taylor's album release helps this song recover a little bit. But I don't expect this to last at all. This just might be off the charts completely in a month or so. And speaking of that album, due to Taylor's decision to not put it up on any streaming platform for the time being, none of the songs from the album debuted this week, whereas in the past she's had almost all of her songs debut following her album release. That means I don't have to worry about me not having listened to the album yet. I'll check it out when Taylor decides to soften her heart and release it on streaming platforms. In the meantime I hope she's at peace with the fact that this decision of her's has resulted in a massive disappointment when it comes to the album's success. Waging a war on streaming in today's world, regardless of how valiant the cause is, will result in a loss on the part of the artist.

38- "The Weekend" - SZA (+5) -- I almost forgot this song existed. I'm sure that some are happy that this song is rising. But I've decided that SZA is an artist that I don't really care to have success. I'm open to her changing my mind in the future, though.

44- "Silence" - Marshmello featuring Khalid (+10) -- I wonder if this song is actually going to find success or if it will continue to just yo-yo around the middle of the charts. I'd like it to have success. It would be nice to have a bit more Marshmello in our lives.

45- "Greatest Love Story" - LANCO (+7) -- I also almost forgot this song existed. I had to go give it another listen. Oh yeah. This random country band singing a typical love ballad where the lead singer is talking about him and his girl having the potential to be the greatest love story the world has ever seen, wherein he leaves us on a cliffhanger as to whether or not she says yes to his marriage proposal. I suppose the fact that I forgot about this after two months tells the story here, but this isn't bad. I'm fine with this rising on the country charts.

70- "Dusk Till Dawn" - Zayn featuring Sia (+10) -- Did you know Sia released a Christmas album recently? It's full of original Christmas songs, too! That's cool. Do you know what I don't care about? This strange Sia/Zayn collaboration that should've never happened.

New Arrivals:

14- "Walk on Water" - Eminem featuring Beyonce -- First thing's first. Have you heard the Thirty Seconds to Mars song from this year also called "Walk on Water"? If you've watched ESPN at any point this year, chances are you have as that's their current song they use to advertise the college football game of the week. "Do you believe that you can walk on water? Do you believe that you can win this fight tonight?" Yeah? Familiar? A pretty good song, I'd say. Check it out if you haven't.

OK, onto Eminem's "Walk on Water." If this signals the upcoming arrival of Eminem's ninth studio album "Revival," which I believe this is the lead-off single, then I'm totally game for that. Eminem is a rapper that I can totally get behind as I believe he is one of the world's best lyricists. He always puts a lot of passion, fire and emotion into his rap. It means something to him. And the way he constructs his rap is poetic and beautiful when you dive into the lyrics. His last studio album, "The Marshall Mathers LP 2," was released all the way back in November 2013. He's shown up occasionally since then, but it's about time the world is graced with another album from the rap god.

So how is the song? I really like it. It reminds me a lot of "The Monster" from "The Marshall Mathers LP 2," which had Rihanna taking on the simple chorus that was spliced in between Eminem's verses. This time it's Beyonce balancing Eminem out. With Eminem often referred to as the rap god, it's interesting that the song starts out with Beyonce's chorus saying "I can walk on water," but then adding only when the water is frozen as "I ain't no Jesus." With that in mind, Eminem then chronicles his struggles with writing music over the course of his last few albums. He thinks he has something good on paper when he releases it, but then listens to it on the radio later and is able to pick it apart, which is a frustrating, exhaustive process for him. Add to that the fact that he's falling out if favor with critics and he talks about him losing confidence. People, especially kids, look to him as a god. But he's just a human who's having a rough time living up to the expectations he sets for himself. Is this next set going to be a revival of his career or is it another misstep? I think it's a fascinating look into the mind of a musician who's trying to maintain a successful career. 

58- "Gummo" - 6ix9ine -- Well, there's a name that's annoying enough for to put me off  right off the bat. But I suppose that's better than Teka$hi69, which is apparently the previous name that this 21-year-old rapper went by. He has 69 tattooed on his body over 200 times, which is says represents a lifestyle. A lifestyle that apparently involves him being a very angry, violent human being. At least according to this song. He's style of rap is yelling and in this song he's yelling about killing people as easily as popping a wheelie, robbing them, stealing their girls, sleeping with said girls then sending them away and lots of stuff like that. The song doesn't mention the word "Gummo" in it, but that's a movie about a bunch of kids living crazy, misbehaving, thrill-seeking lives. So, in other words, someone needs to get this guy in control before he ends up in prison. And I'm certainly against him having a successful career. But, you know, that's what we do in 2017. Give horrible thugs successful rapping careers.

65- "Wanted You" - NAV featuring Lil Uzi Vert -- Well at least we are onto a normal rap song this time. After being yelled at by 6ix9ine, who is bragging about committing all these horrible crimes, NAV and Lil Uzi are actually rapping like calm, normal humans. That was a slight breath of fresh air. But that didn't last too long as these two just bored me with this song. Nothing extremely offensive or horrible, but NAV was excited to be with and sleep with this girl only to find out that she's been sleeping around with someone else. So he spends the whole song moping and complaining about how disappointed he was in that and he has Lil Uzi complaining with him. Yawn. 

69- "Female" - Keith Urban -- I won't lie, I saw this song title and was really nervous that this would be another generic country song from a generic country singer. But that's why we don't judge a book by its cover because this is a really good song with a really good message. This song was written three weeks prior to its release by Shane McAnally, Ross Cooperman and Nicolle Galyon as a response to Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations that have sparked a great movement, inspiring all sorts of people to speak out against sexual assault. This movement has been one of the great things about 2017 as we stand together to condemn these perpetrators. The three aforementioned people were sitting in a room thinking of what they could do to help. The decision was to write a song condemning sexism and pointing out how amazing females are in our life. Even though Keith Urban wasn't involved in the writing process, he was the man chosen to sing the song and he does a good job at it. It's a simple song, yet a beautiful one with a positive message.

93- "Betrayed" - Lil Xan -- It's hard to go from that song to another debut song from a SoundCloud rapper. And by debut song, I mean this is Lil Xan's first song on the Hot 100 after a music video for his "Betrayed" was posted on YouTube and went viral. On the positive note, Lil Xan claims this is a song that's anti-drugs, specifically saying how the drug Xanax ruined his life and now he's off of it. That's good in principle and the chorus is decent. But we have to get through all the mumbling and unintelligent lyrics in the verses first. Part of me really hates SoundCloud for providing a means for all of these horrible rappers to gain popularity. But I suppose I should instead blame America for eating their music up and making them popular. If you reading this are a part of this movement by helping all of these untalented rappers go viral, then shame on you.

96- "The Plan" - G-Eazy -- At least with Lil Xan's unintelligent lyrics, his motivations were to write an anti-drug song. We follow that up with a pro-drug song from G-Eazy. Well, not just a pro-drug song. His plan is to get all the drugs, money and girls he can. The money isn't going to make itself, right? Yeah, I don't want to deal with this. I'm just happy G-Eazy's song "No Limit" got stuck this week at No. 13 and didn't make the top 10. I wish his plan were to leave the music scene and leave us all alone. That would make the world a better place.

97- "Pick It Up" - Famous Dex featuring A$AP Rocky -- 6ix9ine. Lil Xan. Famous Dex. Three new horrible rappers debuting this week that I hope the world rejects. Famous Dex and A$AP Rocky are just rapping on this track about how rich and famous they are as well as how they love sleeping with all the girls. No creativity. No talent. No class. Just another worthless rap song worth throwing in the trash.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

DrogeMiester's Billboard Analysis - November 25, 2017

The new Billboard charts have arrived and so it's time again for me to give you my thoughts! In this weekly post, I cover three sections. First, I give my thoughts on the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. Second, I give my thoughts on the songs that experienced significant gains below the top 10. Third, I give my initial thoughts on our new arrivals this week. I reserve the right to switch things up in the future, but for now this is what I'm sticking with. I've followed the Billboard charts for a long time now and this is a great way for me to express my thoughts to the world. I hope you enjoy!

Billboard Hot 100 Top 10:

1- "rockstar" - Post Malone featuring 21 Savage (=) -- I didn't think "Havana" would be No. 1 this week with how strong "rockstar" still is on streaming, but it's getting awfully close. "rockstar" scored 43.6 million U.S. streams (down 5 percent), 47,000 downloads sold (up 2 percent) and 74 million in radio audience (up 17 percent). The continual rise in radio is unsettling, but "Havana" has the song beat in both radio and sales with 57,000 downloads sold (up 22 percent) and 75 million in radio audience (up 23 percent) while only getting 32.9 million US streams (up 2 percent). "Havana" is up 10 percent in overall points while "rockstar" is down 1 percent in overall points. So it's only a matter of time before "Havana" is our new leader, which I will be grateful for.

2- "Havana" - Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug (=) -- If Post Malone's song will just drop a bit more in streaming, "Havana" going No. 1 will be a done deal. If the continual radio surge for "Havana" isn't enough to compensate for the lack of streaming, we might have to wait this out another week or two. But perhaps Camila's new remix of the song with Daddy Yankee that dropped this week can boost the song enough to put it over the top next week. Speaking of that remix, replacing Young Thug with Daddy Yankee is a genius move. Young Thug definitely holds the song back, but Daddy Yankee actually improves the song and is a more natural fit for Camila whereas Young Thug is only there as the obligatory rap feature needed for success in our current society.

3- "Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)" - Cardi B (=) -- Cardi B stays at No. 3 again this week. With nothing there to challenge her, it seems like this will stay for a bit more, despite continually dropping in all metrics as the world is slowly moving on from this song. 

4- "Too Good at Goodbyes" - Sam Smith (+6) -- Sam Smith's album drop is what gave this song a huge surge. The album itself is pretty decent, but Sam definitely released the best two songs from that album as singles as this and "Pray" are easily the standouts. I just wish this song was here in the top five to stay, but I feel like it's going to fall back down to earth next week, and possibly out of the top 10 altogether, which will be sad for me. But I hope I'm wrong because I want this to gain more traction.

5- "Thunder" - Imagine Dragons (=) -- Why "Thunder" is remaining consistent in the top five completely baffles me. Last week it leapfrogged "Feel It Still" and this week it leapfrogs "1-800-273-8255." But like last week, it is also leapfrogged by another song that surges into the top five, this week being Sam Smith's song, thus it remains at No. 5 yet again. This means I could see this going up to No. 4 next week or even No. 3 if "Bodak Yellow" falls enough. Not that I want that to happen, though. I would prefer it if this song went away for good.

6- "1-800-273-8255" - Logic featuring Alessia Cara (-2) -- It was a great run in the top five for Logic. A run that I'm really happy the song was able to enjoy. Now it seems as if this song will now slowly start to fade away.

7- "Feel It Still" - Portugal. The Man (-1) -- It also feels like "Feel It Still" is now slowly fading away. Considering this is not the type of song that even makes the charts, I'm really happy that 2017 did something right by making this song go viral and I hope it has staying power on the radio for months and years to come.

8- "Perfect" - Ed Sheeran (+3) -- After taking a brief absence from the top 10 last week, Ed is back this week. With the five songs above it all slowly on their way down, I think it's only a matter of time before Ed joins Camila up there in the top three. It will certainly be nice to have two goods songs in the top three because we've had a bit of a rough time of late with the songs at the very top of the charts.

9- "What Lovers Do" - Maroon 5 featuring SZA (+3) -- Did anyone know that Maroon 5's album also dropped and gave this song a bit of a boost this week? If you didn't, don't worry. Neither did anyone else. Because no one gives a crap about Maroon 5 and their bland nothingness that's only propelled by the radio and their continual love affair with the band. But hey, at least this is just an inoffensively boring song as opposed to last week's new top 10 entry "Gucci Gang," which was a complete abomination. I'm certainly glad the latter song is out this week (it fell to No. 12) and I hope we can keep it out. And hey, with songs 13 through 15 also being abominations ("No Limit," "I Get the Bag" and "Bank Account"), I'll take a bland Maroon 5 song. For now.

10- "Mi Gente" - J Balvin & Willy William featuring Beyonce (-1) -- Beyonce is a popular lady right now. Not only did J Balvin and Willy William invite her onto their song, but Eminem also brought her on. We'll talk about the Eminem song next week, but for now we have "Mi Gente" in what appears to be its last week in the top 10. With the Beyonce remix ruining the song, it'll be a situation where I will tell these three people to not let the door hit them on the way out.

Rising on the Hot 100:

13- "No Limit" - G-Eazy featuring A$AP Rocky & Cardi B (+11) -- I really don't like how this song continues to rise. But at least I can see why this is popular among people who enjoy rap and hip-hop when you focus only on the beat, whereas "Gucci Gang" is a complete mystery as to why that song is even a thing. But if "Gucci Gang" is the bar for everything, that's a pretty low bar. I don't know exactly what this will be replacing in the top 10 next week, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it's going to be there.

17- "What About Us" - P!nk (+5) -- I genuinely love how this P!nk song has been fairly consistent on the charts as it's remained between 15 and 30 for most of its run, even if it's been stuck in the range. I would really love it, though, if this can somehow manage to get over the hump and crack the top 10. The world, and especially the top 10, could use a little more P!nk.

20- "Bad at Love" - Halsey (+7) -- On the other hand, I wouldn't mind it at all if Halsey got stuck in the mud and got stuck in the teens instead of getting one of her solo songs into the top 10. I want more female representation on the charts, but I also want good female representation.

21- "New Rules" - Dua Lipa (+5) -- Dua Lipa is another example of the good female pop singers who I am hoping has success. In fact, if Dua and leapfrog Halsey and ride the wave into the top 10, that would be really nice. It's been a good breakout year for her and I hope that continues into 2018.

31- "The Way Life Goes" - Lil Uzi Vert featuring Oh Wonder (+24) -- I remember the week where I went on a marathon of listening to a bunch of Lil Uzi and XXXTENTACION songs, but I don't remember this song including the British indie-pop duo Oh Wonder on it. I guess I missed that when I covered the song back in September. Sorry. I had 17 songs from those two that week, so can you blame me? Or perhaps Lil Uzi decided to actually give them credit after that initial week. Either way, it's Oh Wonder's 2015 song "Landslide" that is being sampled here. And perhaps "sampled" isn't a strong enough word because Lil Uzi essentially takes the whole song and sings on top of it, which is the only reason "The Way Life Goes" is somewhat tolerable on a re-listen because "Landslide" is a really good song. So thanks to Lil Uzi, I will now be going and checking out Oh Wonder's 2015 self-titled album and their recent follow-up from earlier this year. And this is probably the only time I will ever be giving Lil Uzi positive credit for anything, so take notes Lil Uzi fans.

35- "Ghostface Killers" - 21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin featuring Travis Scott (+22) -- The story of the week on the bottom half of this rising songs section is that the four new songs from 21 Savage, Offset and Metro Boomin's new album "Without Warning" all had huge gains this week. We also have a few leftovers from album in the new arrivals section this week. How and why did this happen? Well, they dropped the album in the middle of the tracking week, so this week was its first full week on the charts. And I really hope that's the only reason, because I would hate it if all of these songs stuck around. Seeing this one at No. 35 is especially worrying.

50- "Ric Flair Drop" - Offset & Metro Boomin (+21) -- Offset rambling on in boring fashion all by himself is not something that deserves top 50.

64- "Rap Saved Me" - 21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin featuring Quavo (+10) -- On a positive note, this song, which is the worst of the four, only jumped 10 spots.

73- "My Choppa Hate N-----" - 21 Savage & Metro Boomin (+21) -- This song is only at No. 73, so no reason to complain just yet.

New Arrivals:

27- "Call It What You Want" - Taylor Swift -- Taylor's new album "Reputation" has finally debuted and it is M.I.A. from all streaming services, only available to listen to at the moment if you buy the digital copy from iTunes or the physical copy from wherever you buy physical copies of CD's these days (for the few who actually still do that). I've been nicer to these promotional singles than most people have, but I'm not desperate enough to buy the album to listen to it, so I have not heard it and I will not until it shows up on Apple Music. But if I were to fill in the blanks, the bitter, more angsty songs are towards the first half of the album and then you have this towards the end, which is a much softer, more mellow song with Taylor calmly settling into her current situation, which I believe is with actor Joe Alwyn. Thus I imagine the album will take you on a journey that starts with her being angry at the world and needing to get that all out before quietly settling down and essentially brushing everything off. I won't be able to confirm that until I hear the album, but I do think this is a softer, nicer Taylor song that more people will gravitate to. So if you hated bitter, angry Taylor, then give this one a listen. The album may not be streaming, but the four promotional singles are.

65- "Lemon" - N.E.R.D & Rihanna -- I learned all sorts of things when I researched this song. This showed up a few weeks ago and I had no idea who N.E.R.D was, so when the song finally debuted this week, I did some digging. N.E.R.D is the band Pharrell Williams created with his childhood friend Chad Hugo and high school friend Shay Haley. Pharrell and Chad initially formed the production duo The Neptunes in the 90's, working with quite a few big names of the years, putting together their own album in 2003. Before that album, though, the two of them, along with Shay, created the band N.E.R.D and released their debut album in 2002. They also released albums in 2004, 2008 and 2010. Pharrell himself has done two solo albums in 2006 and 2014 while continuing to work in all sorts of fronts with writing, producing, singing and even doing a little work with movie soundtracks. Yeah, Pharrell is quite the talented individual.

Even though I had never heard of N.E.R.D until now, I definitely know Pharrell. I have loads of respect for him in terms of his talent level while having a bit of a love/hate relationship with his actual music. Apparently he's now back with N.E.R.D for the time being as their fifth album "No_One Ever Really Dies," which is what N.E.R.D stands for, is set for a January 2018 release date. "Lemon" is the lead-off single. While Pharrell himself has showed up many times on the Hot 100 in various formats, this is the first time N.E.R.D has charted. Honestly I can see this being a huge 2018 hit as this has a lot of funk and groove. I'm not even sure what genre to classify this as it's kind of a combination of several genres, thus I can see it having crossover appeal with several audiences, including rap, R&B, funk and pop. The best part of the song is the high level of energy that Pharrell brings to the lyrics with the groovy beat that his friends shape around him. If this ends up being a major hit, I can see some of the repetitive lyrics getting on people's nerves. The worst part of the song is when Rihanna shows up. Rihanna is the type of person that thinks she's super hip and cool, but really is more annoying. But she's been worse. Overall, I would classify this as fun and energetic and has the potential to be 2018's "Uptown Funk" if it catches on.

79- "Rubbin off the Paint" - YBN Nahmir -- We go from soft and mellow with Taylor, to upbeat and fun with N.E.R.D, to whatever the heck this is from a 17-year-old viral rapper. Just a reminder that we still live in 2017 and that untalented punk kids can go viral on YouTube with a horrible rap song and be considered the next big thing in music. While slightly less offensive and less annoying that some of the things that have happened in the music world in 2017, this is nevertheless one big rap verse with YBN going off on a whole bunch of random tangents about drugs, girls and whatnot, making me think this punk needs to go back to school and get an education rather than doing more of this stuff that he's singing about in this song.  

93- "Wait" - Maroon 5 -- Maroon 5's album "Red Pill Blues" only managed to get one additional song to chart this week following its release, which is actually one more song than I expected considering this isn't a streaming monster. "Wait" is another pop song from Adam Levine and co. where Adam has done something wrong to this girl. She's upset at him, but he's begging her to give him another chance because he wants to be with her. You know, typical boring Maroon 5 stuff. There's no context into this specific situation and no real diving into any detail about anything. Just empty words on a paper that probably mean nothing to anyone in the group. There's also nothing interesting going on musically as Adam doesn't challenge himself vocally and doesn't give his band anything to do. Based on this, "What Lovers Do" and "Cold," I have a feeling I know exactly what this album is like and thus I have zero desire to listen to any of it.

94- "Pull up N Wreck" - Big Sean & Metro Boomin featuring 21 Savage -- I saw the players on this song and assumed it was a leftover song from "Without Warning." Nope. This is separate from that. But it might as well be on that because it's just as bad. Big Sean sounds drunk as crazy as he lazily raps about him doing all sorts of awful things to these girls with his Migos impressions thrown in. Then 21 Savage coming in with his usual mumble rap and uninteresting lyrics that he also probably wrote when he was drunk, high or both. This song is a huge wreck (pun intended). I don't know how anyone can play this song and consider it music.

99- "Mad Stalkers" - 21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin -- Now we actually have our leftovers from "Without Warning" after the album's first full week of tracking. In addition to the four songs from last week getting huge boosts, two additional songs sneak onto the charts this week at the final two spots. And yes, no surprise. These final two songs are as bad as the other four songs. 21 Savage is mumbling about how he's a mad baller, how he's super rich and how he's turning these girls he's sleeping with into stalkers? Offset is rapping about something in between 21's mumbling, although he's pulled out his usual random word generator, so I don't have any idea what he's actually saying and I don't care to listen to it for very long with all his sound effects and echoes. I don't get how this is music and I hope this culture of rap music will go away.

100- "Nightmare" - Offset & Metro Boomin -- The final song I'll ever have to cover from this album, right? No more leftovers in future weeks? Please? If so, this final song is just Offset. Although this time he has two verses and a chorus. While I still don't understand what he's getting at during his verses, he's telling them that Freddy Kruegar is going to give them a nightmare and when they wake up, they'll be right there. Whatever that means. I'm not sure I want to think too hard about what he's trying to get at here